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Plotting Experimental Data General Chemistry I and II Lab Manual Dakota State University page 215 of 232 experimental data has molecular weights ranging from 86 g/mol to 142 g/mol. Then I will make a plot that runs from at most 16 g/mol through at least 142 g/mol. For ease of calculation, I may choose numbers close to our limits, such as, say, 10 g/mol to 150 g/mol as my limits. Doing this tends to make it easier to figure out the scale. As for the y axis, it is a little more difficult. We want to choose a minimum value that we expect will be low enough include the boiling point of a chemical with molecular weight of 10 g/mol. It would be much easier if we knew we wanted the graph to go to some finite amount. Looking at the experimental data, it looks to me as if the boiling point for 10 g/mol should not be less than, say, 50 o C, so this is the value I will choose for the minimum value for the boiling point. If it turns out that this guess is far too small or far too large, I’ll choose a new minimum value and replot. Choosing a Graph Orientation:
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