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Plotting Experimental Data General Chemistry I and II Lab Manual Dakota State University page 216 of 232 Now I plot the points. Each point I’ll plot as carefully as possible, estimating the distance between divisions when necessary. Each experimental point I’ll circle once they’re plotted. You may notice that in our example, the points do not line up as nicely as perhaps we would like. This makes the task of drawing a straight line all the more challenging. If we simply draw a line from the first point to the last point, then we have drawn a two-point curve and there was no reason to take more experimental measurements than just these two points. Instead, we want a line that best fits as much of the experimental data as possible. To do so, place a straight edge amongst the experimental data. If the curve must intercept at zero (or some other point), fix this side of the straight edge. Typically, however, there are no requirements for the intercept.
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