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Plotting Experimental Data General Chemistry I and II Lab Manual Dakota State University page 217 of 232 up to the line and read the corresponding boiling point. This turns out to be about 55 o C. This is actually a terrible result, but it is what we found. Always be true to your data. If a result is far from correct, write a little paragraph on what you think may be the reason behind the poor result. Title: Always include a title with your graph, as well as your name and the date. The title is always something along the lines of “Graph of y versus x:.
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Unformatted text preview: When we use “versus”, by convention, it is always y versus x. You may include a sub-title if you like, which is often helpful for similar plots from different sets of data. REMEMBER: (1) ALWAYS use the ENTIRE piece of graph paper. (2) ALWAYS label your axes including units and division sizes. (3) ALWAYS draw the line through as many experimental points as possible. (4) ALWAYS include a title, name and date. These few rules will help to ensure that you make the best possible graphs....
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