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Factor Label Method General Chemistry I and II Lab Manual Dakota State University page 219 of 232 Factor Label Method What is it? The factor label method is an algebra intensive method of problem solving utilizing units. Where would I use it? The factor label method is generally applicable to most problem solving situations. What is the benefit? The factor label method has two main benefits making it a powerful technique well worth the time and effort to learn it. First, utilizing the factor label method can often predict when an answer is wrong. Second, utilization of the factor label method often removes the necessity of memorization of many formulas and equations. What are the drawbacks? Being a problem solving system, it is not for everybody. It seems cumbersome at first, difficult to get a handle on, and other problem solving techniques exist that work well also. However, many students have never been taught any problem solving techniques, and would find this beneficial. However, it will take
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