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Factor Label Method General Chemistry I and II Lab Manual Dakota State University page 221 of 232 (2) ALWAYS write the units down AVOIDING superfluous units (made up units that don't belong)!! (3) ALWAYS be sure that the units cancel out by having one in the denominator and the other in the numerator or vice versa. (4) ALWAYS be sure the units of the final answer match the units you are seeking. Beware, however, of one point. The factor label method will tell you if an answer is wrong if the units are not the units you want. However, if a unitless number is needed (such as π ), then the units will match, but the answer will still be wrong. A few examples: Example 1 : Recently, I have been putting together an electric race car track (remember the electric slot cars? No? Am I showing my age?). The track occupies what would be my bedroom were I married, but since I'm a bachelor, it is more important to me to have an electric race car track than a bed.
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