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Significant Figures General Chemistry I and II Lab Manual Dakota State University page 230 of 232 (6) if there is a decimal point shown, then any zeros after the last non-zero number IS significant I know your head hurts; have you tried aspirin? This seems like an odd thing, so why should it matter if I wrote down a simple little “.” or not? I think of it this way, the author did not HAVE to write down that decimal point, since the zeros place it; thus, if (s)he does go through the effort of writing it, then the author is trying to tell us something. Thus, for example, if you ask how much money I have, I might write $100 as my answer. This means it’s somewhere around $100, but I’m not giving you an exact number. Maybe it’s as low as $90, or as high as $110; all you have is a ballpark figure. However, if I write $100. as my answer, notice that I did not have to write that decimal point. I am telling you that, ±$1, I have 100. Maybe it’s only $99, or as high as $101,
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