N122 Midterm Review Session- Student-1

N122 Midterm Review Session- Student-1 - N122 Midterm...

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Unformatted text preview: N122 Midterm Review Session Tuesday, October 18 th 7pm SON 1230/1240 What will be on the Exam Cherry Chapters: 2-The Contemporary Image of Professional Nursing 25- Managing Time: The Path to High Self-Performance 1- The Evolution of Professional Nursing 4- Nursing Licensure and Certification 26- Contemporary Nursing Roles and Career Opportunities 10- Cultural Competency and Social Issues in Nursing and Health Care 18- Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution 24- Making the Transition from Student to Professional Nurse 9- Ethical and Bioethical Issues in Nursing and Health Care ANA- Code of Ethics for Nurses and Interpretative Statements, Scope and Standards of Practice IOM Future of Nursing Report Review Questions: Chapter 2 1. The International Congress of Nursing declared that the term nurse represents: A. all health care providers who focus on caring. B. only registered nurses at all levels of education. C. LPNs/LVNs and RNs but not unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP). D. a multiskilled individual who is technically competent and certified by the health care facility. ANS: B Rationale: B is correct because in 1985 the International Congress of Nursing reserved the title of nurse for an RN. A is incorrect because the only health care provider that can be referred to as a nurse is the RN. C is incorrect because according to the International Congress of Nursing, only RNs are referred to as nurse. D is incorrect because multiskilled individuals may assist an RN, but only those nurses who have passed the NCLEX-RN examination hold the title of nurse. Level of Difficulty: Comprehension 2. While one is visiting Arlington National Cemetery, a large limestone statue, the Spirit of Nursing, can be seen. This statue honors: A. Florence Nightingales accomplishments in public health. B. Nurse Rivers, who advocated for victims of the Tuskegee experiment. C. Clara Maas, who found the cure for yellow fever during World War II. D. all military nurses for their bravery and compassion. ANS: D Rationale: D is correct because the Spirit of Nursing statue was placed in Arlington National Cemetery to honor all military nurses. A is incorrect because the Spirit of Nursing statue pays tribute to all nurses who have served in the military, and although Florence Nightingale provided care to the soldiers in the Crimean War, she did not actually serve in the military. B is incorrect because although Nurse Rivers advocated in the end for participants in the study, she followed orders, and it is questioned whether she thought an unethical situation had occurred. C is incorrect because Clara Maas did indeed die of yellow fever, and she has been honored with a postal stamp....
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N122 Midterm Review Session- Student-1 - N122 Midterm...

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