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Brigadier General (Class 7)

Brigadier General (Class 7) - No invasion of North...

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Cluster bombs used The American people support the president as long as we are winning Tactical victory o Won the battles but lost the strategic war Gave the North Vietnamese the strategic advantage Nuclear Weapons nullify all previous military theory o Total (nuclear) war unthinkable o Wars must be limited Wars of national liberation Kennedy o Counterinsurgency Resisted by military U.S. objectives in Vietnam o Preserve a non-Communist government in South Vietnam Legacies o Spanish Civil War o Munich o Why England Slept JFK 1940 o Who Lost China? U.S. Strategies in Vietnam o Limited War Change in behavior of North No perceived invasion from North
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Unformatted text preview: No invasion of North permitted o Counterinsurgency Pacification, civil action (hearts and mind) LBJ didn’t want to mobilize the country o No declaration of war o No mobilization of reserves Lessons of Korea ignored o The US should not get involved in a land war in Asia To understand a war, study the war before. Before Vietnam War was the Cold War Korean War o Summer of 1950 started o US fear of influence in the Pacific Korea unmentioned o Russia overran army in Korea o Pushed Koreans back to the Pusan River o LBJ l earned never to get involved in a war without Congress’ approval....
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