Ike's Cold War (Class 3)

Ike's Cold War (Class 3) - Nationalism Anti-Communist...

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Ike’s Cold War Ike was known for and trusted to hold the line. The Dulles Brothers Containment on the Cheap o Nuclear Diplomacy o Puppet states o Collective Security SEATO, 1955 o Australia, South East Asia, New Zealand, Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan, France, Britain, Pakistan, U.S. o South Korea and South Vietnam were outside observers- they could attend meetings, but couldn’t take part in them The 1954 Commitments Ho Chi Minh WILL reunite with South U.S.A WILL prevent a takeover of the South by the Communist Both will pay a massive price Ngo Dinh Diem
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Unformatted text preview: Nationalism Anti-Communist Catholic Aloof and Aristocratic Opponents Buddhists Students Peasants- worked hard and the landowners got the money Rivals in Military Communists Kennedy’s Cold War Flexible response Nation building Pay any coat From failures to success o Bay of Pigs o Castro took over Cuba in 1959 o Castro’s Motto, “Walk softly and carry a big cigar” National Liberation Front Organized in 1960 “Viet Cong” Relationship with North Vietnam o Supplies o Independence...
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Ike's Cold War (Class 3) - Nationalism Anti-Communist...

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