The Battle of Ia Drang Valley (Class 5)

The Battle of Ia Drang Valley (Class 5) - LZ X-Ray and LZ...

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The Battle of Ia Drang Valley, 1965 Air base used for the rolling thunder in Danang o Attacked by Vietnam Guerillas o Johnson sends in marines as a defensive group Ia Drang valley is up in the central highlands where the north Vietnamese had sent down a battalion Air Cavalry fought (new development) o Huey helicopters First big test : Nov. 1965 o Ia Drang Valley o NVA Battalions o A series of battles
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Unformatted text preview: LZ X-Ray and LZ Albany Marines called in napalm strikes o Accidentally dropped on Americans and the strike was called off Many Americans killed in battle Everyone evacuated out of LZ Albany Overall losses o NVA 1500 body count in North Vietnamese army Estimated 2,000 more dead Heavy casualties o MACV 240 KIA Heavy casualties...
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