War in Vietnam (Class 4)

War in Vietnam (Class 4) - o North Vietnamese actions...

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John Kennedy Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara Secretary of State Dean Rusk o From North Georgia o WW2 Hotshot o Rhodes Scholarship education o Smart guy Robert McNamara wrote a book stating that we had made a tragic mistake o Got in trouble for saying that o Posted a new book Argument Without End McNamara believed that Kennedy would have ordered the troops to leave Vietnam. There was an interview in which Kennedy was faltering about whether or not he wanted the war to continue. Diem was assassinated o U.S. Aims
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Unformatted text preview: o North Vietnamese actions Democrats against war U.S. supported Diem’s assassination Ho Chi Minh thought the U.S. was going to send in troops to take over Vietnam. Northern Vietnam Army got tanks from China. Lyndon B. Johnson Focus on Domestic Issues o Civil Rights o War on Poverty Focus on Re-Election in ‘64 o V.S. Barry Goldwater o Weakness is foreign policy Needs show of strength o Draft resolution ready Gulf of Tonkin Incident Gulf of Tonkin Resolution o August 1964...
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