Characteristics of Happy People

Characteristics of Happy People - Focus on the world...

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Characteristics of Happy People Love yourself o High self-esteem o Positive self-talk o Sleep, eat, exercise, and don’t abuse substances o Stress leads to lack of sleep, bad eating habits, substance abuse, lack of exercise, and failure to see people you care about Love other people o Misanthropist=hate all o Smile-one of most powerful tools o Name affects one psychologically When people forget, mispronounce, or misspell Keep name in mind for 20 seconds o Self-disclosure-tell people about yourself o Be a good listener Eye contact Body language Interjections Comment Self-disclosure o Use questions to find out what the other person’s interest is o Affirmation Praise verbally when good job Confernarians have learned to love other people Locus of control of life-internal locus of control means you are in control of your life Happy people are optimistic
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Unformatted text preview: Focus on the world outside of themselves o Get a job o Enjoy the power of touch Ritual touch (handshake) or bond of trust (friends and family) o Giving to others Time, money, etc Search for the meaning of life o Spiritual wellness Live one day at a time o Present moment living Happy people laugh and smile a lot Avoid self-defeating behaviors o ABCGW Anger Used to manipulate people Blaming Complaining Guilt Worry Take time to waste time o Take time to relax Thankful or Grateful o To friends and family o Thankful to religion o Thankful for state of being Happiness is internal We learn to choose/reject Happiness is not a destination o Its a journe y Will 11 characteristics work? Which ones do I have? How will I acquire the others?...
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Characteristics of Happy People - Focus on the world...

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