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301-Syllabus-S12-kjs - BMGT 301 INTRODUCTION TO INFORMATION...

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BMGT 301 – INTRODUCTION TO INFORMATION SYSTEMS Section 0301, VMH 1412, TTh 12:30 – 1:45pm Instructor: Katherine Stewart E-mail: [email protected] Office: 4353 Van Munching Hall Office Hours: TTh 2:00 – 3:00pm, and by appointment Phone: 301-405-0576 (email is better, I do not check voicemails every day) Course website: https://bb.rhsmith.umd.edu TA: Matthew Chin < [email protected] > Course Description This course integrates management concepts and information systems and technology. We will discuss how information systems are used for competitive advantage. We will learn how information systems are used by successful marketers, accountants, finance and operations executives and more. We will learn how key business theories explain and enable what is happening today in business when information systems are being used. We will learn how to apply management concepts to understand the opportunities created by, and threats arising from, the effective use of information systems. We will discuss how to analyze and design information systems for business, and how those systems are used in different businesses and business functions. We will cover the use of spreadsheets and databases for analysis and decision making. We will learn about key technologies such as telecommunications. Course Perspective When you read a business publication website such as the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Business Week, or even a general publication such as the Washington Post or the New York Times, you will see a large number of stories directly related to the use of information systems in business and government. Business people get excited because Information Systems (IS) have the power to create and restructure industries, empower individuals and firms, and dramatically reduce costs. Business people get scared because they know, when poorly implemented, IS can squander shareholder wealth, taxpayer money, and destroy firms and careers. Every manager has to pay attention to the impact of information systems, information technology, and the innovations in that technology. Finance majors will fund investments in technology. They will lend to technology firms, will buy and sell technology stocks, and will try to understand how shifts in technology will affect investments. Investment bankers will finance startup technology companies. Marketing majors will use information systems to figure out what customers want and how to sell it to them. Every business with accounting majors uses information to store, process, and analyze its accounting and financial data. Logistics and supply Page 1
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chain majors use information systems to make their operations more efficient and nimble than their competitors’. HR managers use technology to find, evaluate, keep, and train employees.
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301-Syllabus-S12-kjs - BMGT 301 INTRODUCTION TO INFORMATION...

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