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AdvML_project - you modeled counterfactuals the set of...

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Alter Ego Project Desiderata Advanced Machine Learning Fall 2011 November 20, 2011 1 Project deliverables The core of this project is to construct a model centered around individuals. The desiderata for the project follow from this premise with each person in the class expected to create, document and demo a self model. Below we list some of the requirements for the final project submission. Each team must turn in a joint report with individual sections for each person. This can be a pdf file. It is expected that data collection is the most difficult part of this project. This should be thoroughly documented. Explain how you went about creating a self model. Further, explain how
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Unformatted text preview: you modeled counterfactuals: the set of tweaks to you that could lead to a different person. How did the data collection aid in counterfactual modeling? • What are the machine learning algorithms used in this project? Why were they selected and how did they perform. • Each group is expected to demo their project (with individualized differ-ences) at the end of the semester. • In the final report, explain how you would move this project onto a mobile device and setup online data collection and learning. This aspect of the project can be somewhat speculative. 1...
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