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She t1 Page 1 What is your opinion about gay people serving in the military?,What is your opinion about gay mar iage?,What is your opinion about abortion?,What is your opinion about the war in Afghanistan?,Should the government be able to stop the Ground Zero mosque from being built?,Should marijuana be legalized?,How do you fe l about Arizona's Immigration Law?,How do you fe l about embryonic stem cel research?,What is your opinion about the health care system?,What political party do you best identify your self with?,How do you fe l about the size of government?,What is your political stance?,What is your age range?,Do you believe Americans ne d to take more action to reverse the ef ects of global warming?,What is your gender? 5,5,4,1,5,3,2,5,5,Democrat,1,1,18 to 24,2,Female 5,5,4,4,5,5,4,5,1,Republican,1,4,18 to 24,5,Female 3,3,1,1,5,5,5,1,2,Independent,1,5,35 to 4 ,5,Male 5,5,4,4,5,4,2,4,4,Democrat,3,2,18 to 24,4,Male 5,5,4,3,5,3,1,5,4,Democrat,4,2,18 to 24,1,Female 1,1,5,5,1,1,5,5,2,Republican,3,5,18 to 24,3,Male 5,5,2,3,4,3,1,3,4,Independent,4,3,18 to 24,2,Female 3,5,4,3,5,5,4,2,2,Independent,2,3,18 to 24,4,Male 5,5,5,3,4,3,2,5,3,Democrat,4,2,18 to 24,1,Female 5,1,3,2,5,1,3,2,4,Democrat,3,3,17 and Under,2,Male 5,5,4,3,5,3,1,5,4,Independent,3,3,18 to 24,2,Female 5,5,5,4,5,4,2,5,4,Democrat,4,2,18 to 24,2,Female 5,5,5,2,4,3,2,5,4,Democrat,4,2,18 to 24,1,Female 5,5,5,1,5,3,3,5,5,Democrat,4,1,18 to 24,1,Female 5,5,5,1,5,4,1,5,1,Democrat,1,1,18 to 24,1,Female 5,5,5,1,5,5,1,5,1,Independent,1,1,18 to 24,1,Female 5,5,5,4,3,4,3,3,3,Independent,5,3,18 to 24,1,Female 5,5,4,3,5,4,2,5,5,Democrat,4,2,18 to 24,1,Male 4,4,2,4,4,3,5,1,1,Republican,2,4,45 to 54,5,Male 5,5,4,4,5,5,4,5,2,Independent,2,3,18 to 24,1,Female 5,4,5,4,4,5,5,4,3,Independent,1,3,35 to 4 ,5,Female 5,5,4,4,5,4,2,5,5,Independent,3,2,18 to 24,1,Female 5,5,5,3,5,5,2,5,5,Democrat,5,1,18 to 24,1,Male 5,5,3,1,5,5,3,5,5,Democrat,3,1,18 to 24,1,Male 5,5,5,3,5,5,1,5,2,Independent,3,3,18 to 24,1,Male 1,1,1,5,1,1,5,2,1,Republican,1,5,18 to 24,4,Male 5,5,4,3,5,3,2,4,4,Independent,4,2,18 to 24,1,Female 5,5,4,2,5,3,3,5,5,Democrat,3,2,18 to 24,2,Female 5,5,4,4,3,5,3,5,4,Democrat,4,4,25 to 34,1,Male 5,5,4,3,3,3,3,5,4,Independent,3,3,18 to 24,4,Male 5,5,4,3,5,4,2,5,4,Independent,4,2,18 to 24,2,Male 5,5,4,2,5,2,4,5,4,Democrat,4,2,18 to 24,1,Female 5,5,4,4,5,4,2,5,4,Democrat,4,2,18 to 24,2,Female 4,4,4,3,5,3,2,5,4,Democrat,4,2,18 to 24,2,Female 5,5,5,3,3,3,3,5,3,Democrat,2,3,5 to 64,1,Female 5,5,4,4,5,4,3,5,3,Democrat,4,2,18 to 24,1,Male 1,1,3,1,5,5,5,3,1,Republican,1,5,5 to 64,1,Male 5,5,4,2,5,3,1,5,4,Democrat,4,2,5 to 64,1,Female 5,5,3,2,3,2,3,4,3,Independent,3,3,18 to 24,1,Female 1,1,5,5,1,5,5,1,1,Republican,1,5,18 to 24,5,Male 5,5,4,3,3,3,4,5,1,Republican,2,4,18 to 24,2,Female 5,5,5,2,5,5,1,5,3,Independent,3,2,18 to 24,3,Male 5,3,5,1,5,1,1,1,5,Independent,1,1,18 to 24,1,Male 5,5,5,1,4,3,1,5,5,Democrat,5,2,45 to 54,1,Female 5,3,2,4,5,2,4,3,1,Republican,1,4,18 to 24,3,Female 5,3,5,1,5,1,3,5,4,Republican,3,4,5 to 64,5,Male
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