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111221 IAFF 2091 syllabus - 1 East AsiaPast and Present...

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East Asia—Past and Present IAFF 2091-10 [CRN 65238] Spring 2012 Mondays and Wednesdays 12:45-2:00pm, 1957 E St, room B17 Dr. Robert Sutter (e-mail) [email protected] (phone) 202-994-5886 Office Hours, Room 503K 1957 E St NW: Mon 2:30-4:00 pm, Weds 2:15-3:15 pm, and by appointment. The Course provides a broad survey of East Asia, focusing on China, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia. There is emphasis on modern history and salient contemporary political, economic, security and cultural-intellectual issues and developments. Course Goals: A systematic introduction to the complex range of variables and experiences affecting the peoples and governments of East Asia. Familiarity with competing perspectives and debates regarding a number of salient issues in East Asia’s development up to the present. Demonstrated ability to synthesize and analyze course materials and present well- reasoned assessments in written assignments and in-class discussion. Learning Outcomes At the end of the course, students should understand the range of determinants and influences in East Asian development and contemporary affairs. They should be prepared to discern areas for possible further study or professional work regarding East Asia. They also will be experienced in and prepared to assess systematically other broad academic or professional topics. Classes: The format involves lectures and class discussion. Assignments Students are to read the assigned readings from the required texts for this course. The books are: Mark Borthwick, Pacific Century: The Emergence of Modern East Asia (third edition) Westview Press, 2007 Charles Holcombe, History of East Asia Cambridge University Press, 2011 (These books have been ordered for sale at the University Bookstore and have been requested to be put on reserve at Gelman library.) Additional readings will be assigned during the course. 1
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Written Assignments : There will be a mid-term examination and a final examination. In addition, students are required to write a 5-pages double-spaced essay, in the style of the New York Review of Books , giving their reaction to two books or a comparable group of articles (e.g. 4 articles) they have read. The readings selected must be submitted to and approved by the instructor by March 21. The review is due April 23. Students needing guidance on books or articles to select can consult the recommended readings at the end of chapters in the History of East Asia and/or the Pacific Century website noted on page xv of Pacific Century: The Emergence of Modern East Asia (third edition). The instructor also is available for guidance.
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111221 IAFF 2091 syllabus - 1 East AsiaPast and Present...

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