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Arnold Greg Arnold For Want of Immortality Stereotypical views of the Eastern religions, including Hinduism, give the impression of a religious culture that believes that “death”, as a concept, is not as concrete as it is in the Western faiths, and is merely a minor transition to either return into this world or be amalgamated into some omnipresent force. But was this always the case? Given the multiple natures of the Hindu faiths, clearly there is room for dissenting views. (von Stitenchron 2003) But in the Rg Veda , there is a whole passage, about “Yama and the Fathers”, which details not only death, but the sacrifices necessary to please Yama, god of the underworld. (10.14) This shows not only how death, as a concept has changed in terms of Hindu existence, but also shows how the settling of a “unified” Hindu thought changed from the time of the Rg Veda and the Katha-Upanishad , several centuries later. The section of the Rg Veda titled “Yama and the Fathers” offers an interesting portrayal of death in the Hindu universe. Here, the underworld is lorded over by Yama, who is described as “The one who has passed beyond along the great, steep straits, spying out the path for many… Yama was the first to find the way for us.” (10.14, 1-2) The verse goes on to remember both
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IslamHinduismPaper3 - Arnold Greg Arnold For Want of...

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