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Hybrid Syllabus - Instructor: Adam Howard E-mail:...

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Instructor: Adam Howard E-mail: ahoward@gwu.edu HIST 2340: 20th Century U.S. Diplomatic History Fall- 2011 The views expressed here are my own and are not necessarily those of the Department of State or the U.S. Government. Information presented here is based on publicly available declassified sources. Course Description and Objectives: This course examines the history of U.S. foreign relations during the 20th century. Through lectures, common readings, and Blackboard discussion, we will study main events, trends, and controversies of U.S. foreign relations over the last hundred years. Additionally, we will study the various approaches employed by scholars of U.S. foreign relations in attempting to explain the patterns and evolution of U.S. foreign policy. In the process, we will work together to develop the skills of the historical process, including critical thinking, reasoning, analysis, and decision making. Course Materials: Robert Schulzinger, U.S. Diplomacy since 1900 - 6th Edition (ISBN: 0195320497) Walter Hixson, Parting the Curtain (ISBN: 0312176805) Douglass Little, American Orientalism (ISBN: 0807827371) All other readings will be in Electronic Reserves on BlackBoard Student Responsibilities: Students must keep up with the reading and multimedia assignments in order to perform well in this course. The multimedia material highlights the important ideas in the readings and introduces new material not covered in the readings. You are responsible for the content in the multimedia material, even if that content is not also in the readings. Group discussion is strongly emphasized in this course, so you will need to learn how to use Blackboard's discussion component. (The Help section of this course includes instructional guides.)
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Hybrid Syllabus - Instructor: Adam Howard E-mail:...

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