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Gregory Arnold Shannon Powers 31 2/8/2011 “I, Gregory Arnold, affirm that I have completed this assignment in accordance with the Code of Academic Integrity.” X_____________________________X
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Bibliography 1. Buschkow, Walentin (June 1993) “Tadschikistan vor dem Bürgerkrieg: Eine traditionelle Gesellschaft in der Krise.” Bundesinstitut für Ostwissenschaftliche und Internationale Studien Vol. 26 Buschkow notes that the society of Tajikistan following the collapse of the Soviet Union led to a crisis in societal identity. Even under communist rule, Tajikistan was traditionally an Iranian (Persian) society by nature. However, the era of Soviet rule brought into the region the ideals and practices of a communist state. Likewise, Islamic fundamentalism, which contrasted with the traditional values of the region, led to the strife that ignited the civil war. Buschkow states that it is contrasting ideas that started the conflict, which is an identity perspective regarding the conflict. This is useful because if the various sides in the war were motivated by these conflicting ideologies and did follow these lines, then Buschkow’s ideas will hold. 2. Kilavuz, Idil Tunçer (September 2009) “The Role of Networks in Tajikistan’s Civil War: Network Activation and Violence Specialists.” Nationalities Papers Vol. 37, No. 5. 693-
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IAFFAnnotatedBibliography - Gregory Arnold Shannon Powers...

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