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The Republic of Turkey sits on the cusp of a grander tomorrow. And, with the prospective work in 2012 to update the Kyoto Protocol, said future could be greener as well. An original signatory of the 1997 ratification, the Republic of Turkey has continued to grow, industrialize, and modernize at a notably impressive rate. Fast becoming the Middle East’s largest non-oil based economy; the Republic of Turkey is fast able to be a major part in the global movement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Republic of Turkey supports the re-ratification and expansion of the Kyoto Protocol in 2012. There are several justifications for Turkey’s support of the Kyoto Protocol. First and foremost, Turkey is very interested in joining the European Union. As a nation with a long and complicated history in Europe, Turkey would economically and politically benefit from being an EU member-state. And the EU, with its many industrialized members, has heavily enforced the Kyoto Protocol’s ruling on lowering emission rates. In order to be a suitable candidate for the
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