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Paper modern Iran Fall 2011

Paper modern Iran Fall 2011 - Prof M Atkin Fall 2011 HIST...

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Prof. M. Atkin Fall 2011 HIST 3001 section 13 History of Modern Iran Term Paper Assignment DUE DATE: The term paper is due on Monday, December 5, 2011 GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: There is no specific length requirement for papers. I would be surprised to see a paper shorter than five pages or longer than a dozen, but the crucial consideration is that the papers be as long as necessary to discuss the subject adequately, no more, no less. The quality of the content is the crucial thing, not some arbitrary number of pages. All papers for this course are to be written in clear and correct standard written English. Slang, jargon, pop psychology, and pomposity are to be avoided like the plague. Correct grammar is required. Papers must have a proper introduction, main body, and conclusion. Pages must be numbered, double spaced, and single sided. Notes are required for all direct quotations, interpretive points or little known pieces of information attributed to an author, and for any information which is controversial or cannot be presumed to be part of an educated person's general knowledge. You must follow the correct form for notes and all other elements of essaywriting style. In this course you MUST follow the A Chicago style. @
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