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RegressionSteps - Once you have found an equation for a...

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Math 105 Winter 2009 Using Regression to Find a Formula to Fit Data Your graphing calculator is a powerful tool in finding equations that best model given data. The first step is to enter your data into lists, which can be done by pressing your [STAT] button, then selecting “1:Edit”. The steps to find a function for a power regression are outlined below. For other types of functions, simply select the type of function you wish to find under the “CALC” menu under [STAT]. Graphing the Data Points and the Power Function at the Same Time
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Unformatted text preview: Once you have found an equation for a function using a regression calculation, you can check to see that it actually does a good job of representing the overall trend in the data. To graph the data points, make sure that you go to [STAT PLOT] and turn on Plot1. Then press [Y=] and type the formula for your regression curve. Press the [GRAPH] button to see both the data points and the curve. IMPORTANT NOTE: When not doing regression, it is best to go to STAT PLOT and keep all plots turned off in order to avoid calculator errors....
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