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w1a - Douglass Houghton Workshop Section 1 Wed Worksheet...

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Douglass Houghton Workshop, Section 1, Wed 9/7/11 Worksheet Alpha 1. Find all the points where the graphs of y = x 2 and y = 2 x intersect. 2. When Olympic swimmer and former UM student Michael Phelps gets out of the pool, he dries himself off with a towel. Only, the towel doesn’t get him completely dry; rather, the water on his body spreads out equally over the surface area of his body and of the towel. So some water stays on him when the towel is taken away. (a) Suppose Michael’s body’s surface area is 1 m 2 , and it’s covered by 1 liter of water. If the towel is also 1 m 2 , how wet is he after towelling off? (b) Suppose instead that the towel is twice as big, 2 m 2 . How wet is he now? (c) Can you think of a way to use the bigger towel to better effect? 3. Suppose you bake a square cake, 10 inches on a side and 2 inches high. You frost it on the top and all four sides (but not the bottom). How can 6 people divide up the cake so that each gets the same amount of cake and the same amount of frosting? How about 9 people?
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