11_index - Index absorptance HT-54 absorption HT-57...

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Index absorptance HT-54 absorption HT-57 adiabatic 0-5, 0-9 adiabatic efficiency see efficiency adiabatic flame temperature 2C-7 Biot number HT-30, HT-36 black body HT-56, HT-63 see also radiation blade see turbine blade Brayton cycle 1A-5, 1C-5, 2A-5 efficiency 1A-7, 1C-7, 2A-5 maximum work 1A-10 net work 2A-5 Breguet Range equation 2A-9 Carnot cycle 1A-3, 1C-1, 1C-4 efficiency 1A-4, 1C-2 two-phase 2B-8 coefficients of absorption see absorptance reflection see reflectance transmission see transmittance coefficient of performance 1A-12 combined First and Second Law 1B-5 composite slab see slab compressor adiabatic efficiency 2A-15 conduction HT-5, HT-26 heat flux HT-6 one-dimensional HT-7, HT-8, HT-14, HT-17,HT- 26 continuum 0-1 control volume 0-12 see also first law for a control volume convection HT-5, HT-19, HT-26 heat transfer coefficient HT-20, HT-23 near a wall HT-26 convective heat transfer coefficient see convection COP see coefficient of performance critical point 2B-3 critical radius of insulation HT-30 cycle see thermodynamic cycle cylindrical geometry see non-planar geometry Diesel cycle 2A-4 diffusivity HT-22 dissipation 1C-10 drag HT-24 efficiency adiabatic efficiency 1C-17, 2A-14, 2A- 15 overall efficiency 2A-10 propulsive efficiency 2A-10 thermal efficiency 1A-2, 1A-4, 1A-7, 1C-2, 1C-7, 2A-2, 2A-5, 2A-8, 2B-14 emittance HT-57 energy 0-5
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11_index - Index absorptance HT-54 absorption HT-57...

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