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quiz1 - 16.050 Thermal Energy Quiz#1 Fall 2002 Do all three...

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16.050 Thermal Energy Quiz #1 – Fall 2002 Do all three problems. All problems count the same. 1. A reversible cycle plots as a perfect circle on a T-S diagram with maximum and minimum temperatures 600 K and 300 K and a maximum and minimum entropy of 600 kJ/K and 300 kJ/K. a) What is the net work of this cycle? b) Indicate the path in the cycle along which heat is rejected. How do you know? (A sentence or two is required, perhaps bolstered by an equation). c) What is the thermodynamic efficiency of this cycle? 2. The following device operates at steady-state and is well insulated. Air enters at one location and exits at another with a mass flow rate of 10 kg/s. Assuming ideal gas behavior and negligible potential energy effects, determine the direction of the air flow and the direction of the power flow. Determine the power in kW. Assume cp=1000 J/kgK for air. (Hint: it might be useful to initially assume directions of the different energy fluxes and then to check for consistency.) Page 1 of 2
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Inlet: 45 bar 650 K Outlet: 15 bar 500 K
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