Electric voltage - Electric voltage Voltage V(= I"...

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Unformatted text preview: 1/21/12 Electric voltage Voltage V , (= - ). I " A " ", " .L , .T " " - , B , A , B. I V U U U O I ' . . . . M A H P R Na e *****E GB Electromoti e Force (EMF) W F , 'L " , .T h perph sics.ph -astr.gsu.edu/hbase/electric/elevol.html#c2 " ( ) 1/4 1/21/12 Electric voltage made a ailable b he gene a ing mechani m and i no a "fo ce". The e m emf i e ained fo hi o ical ea on . I i ef l o di ing i h ol age hich a e gene a ed f om he ol age change hich occ in a ci c i a a e l of ene g di ipa ion, e.g., in a e i o . Inde Vol age concep Co n e emf in ind c o H pe Ph ic *****Elec ici and magne i m R Na e Go Back Mo ional EMF The magne ic fo ce e e ed on he cha ge in a mo ing cond c o ill gene a e a ol age (a mo ional emf). The gene a ed ol age can be een o be he o k done pe ni cha ge. Thi mo ional emf i one of man e ing in hich he gene a ed emf i de c ibed b Fa ada ' La . Inde Vol age concep No e ha he di ec ion of he magne ic fo ce i ho n a he igh hand le di ec ion on a po i i e cha ge, and ho he di ec ion of he con en ional c h perph sics.ph -astr.gsu.edu/hbase/electric/elevol.html#c2 en 2/4 1/21/12 Electric voltage in the loop. Relate to Farada 's La H perPh sics*****Electricit and magnetism R Na e Go Back Motional EMF and Farada 's Law Inde Voltage concepts The motional emf e pression is an application of Farada 's La , as can be seen from: H perPh sics*****Electricit and magnetism h perph sics.ph -astr.gsu.edu/hbase/electric/elevol.html#c2 R Na e Go Back 3/4 1/21/12 h perph sics.ph -astr.gsu.edu/hbase/electric/elevol.html#c2 Electric voltage 4/4 ...
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