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Exam-solutions - Physics 35,Spring uarter 011 xamination 3...

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Physics 335, Spring Quarter 2011, Examination Name SoturtoN 9 VI.L I t35 2 t35 3 t30 TOTAL /IOO Plcasc check rh.r you have a total of 7 exam pagcs, including ttis poge. Thiscxam is closcd-book. Thcre's a summary of pIC instructions on the following pcge.
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Ptcl6F84A ?aett 7{: PE aCgI lrtTFtF pr.3Er lt?BmtE tu Eoattt oBtlD.! aDo||r i,o :lqrtN rn t A!{O{f ta :ANDW.'tr| cLaF | !o*t C1.Fw ,Crrw ccaf r,o o€cF td (xcf:z I d f\ctsz t.a srllt t, a iAdD tdr r nrqdr C.it iid ne|iIt'!t C.'r I I ; I i2l rta I ,1 l oo 0 t dfrt traa oo !t3t tari rr rt OO ltol !.rr tt.' co l,0t clal ffa t oo !a!l rtltt !!:: oo l0to alt, tt,t o0 lltt dttt rtat oo 0100 dttt rrrr 0o loDo rtltt !ll! 0o aolo lara (trl OO 0000 aro tao, 0o !1t1 ditt ti!: oo 0r!o rrll r it:: 00 rtr0 d,t, iat, oo orra a,ta ttat c.Dc"r z z a ? a I z z c,Ez z 12 2 t2 12 12.3 ,2 r,2,3 t2 12 12 t2 t2 i: fIrEllDEl Blll4ll lu|l w t: SSf t- ! BtrSC t ! BtFls r, ! ga9rt I r!a r(a 0t 0!!a btfa tttt 0: 0r!h Diaa tl!t o: loli Dlat t!!t 0: lt!5 bttt tl!!
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