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Inductor AC Behavior - below Enter the necessary data and...

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1/21/12 Inductor AC Behavior 1/3 h\perph\sics.ph\-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/electric/acind.html#c1 IndXcWoU AC ReVponVe IPSedaQce CaOcXOaWe E[aPiQe CaSaciWRU ReViVWRU CRQWUibXWiRQ WR cRPSOe[ iPSedaQce PhaVRU diagUaP YRX NQRZ WhaW Whe YROWage acURVV aQ iQdXcWRU OeadV Whe cXUUeQW becaXVe Whe LeQ]' OaZ behaYiRU UeViVWV Whe bXiOdXS Rf Whe cXUUeQW, aQd iW WaNeV a fiQiWe WiPe fRU aQ iPSRVed YROWage WR fRUce Whe bXiOdXS Rf cXUUeQW WR iWV Pa[iPXP. IQde[ CaSaciWaQce cRQceSWV IQdXcWaQce cRQceSWV AC CiUcXiWV H\SeUPh\VicV ***** EOecWUiciW\ aQd MagQeWiVP R NaYe GR BacN IndXcWiYe ReacWance The fUeTXeQc\ deSeQdeQW iPSedaQce Rf aQ iQdXcWRU iV caOOed iQdXcWiYe UeacWaQce.
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1/21/12 Inductor AC Behavior 2/3 h\perph\sics.ph\-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/electric/acind.html#c1 This calculation works by clicking on the desired quantity in the expression
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Unformatted text preview: below. Enter the necessary data and then click on the quantity you wish to calculate. Default values will be entered for unspecified quantities, but all quantities may be changed. Impedance = Angular frequency x Inductance For = x10^ H = mH = microHenries at angular frequency Ȧ = x10^ rad/s and frequency = x10^ Hz = kHz = MHz the inductive reactance is X L = x10^ ohms = kohms = Megohms AC behavior of inductor Index Capacitance concepts Inductance concepts AC Circuits HyperPhysics ***** Electricity and Magnetism R NaYe Go Back 1/21/12 Inductor AC Behavior 3/3 h\perph\sics.ph\-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/electric/acind.html#c1...
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