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Unformatted text preview: 1/21/12 Course I nformation Reading Assignments Ph sics 334 Ph sics 334, Winter 2012 Electr ic Cir cuits Labor ator I Intr oductor Analog Electr onics Circuit Simulator Page contents: Course Announcements M eeting Times and Locations Teaching Assistants Lab Notes Home ork Instructor: Leslie J Rosenberg Email: [email protected] Office: Ph sics & Astronom Building, room C503 Office Hours: Tuesda s 10:30- 11:20am Cour se Announcements Januar 19: Snow and ice: The Universit again cancelled classes toda . Do not tr to brave the snow & ic roads. Homework #2: You can turn in our homework #2 this coming Tuesda Januar 24 without late penalt . We'll schedule make- up labs for this week's cancelled labs. Januar 17: Snow: If weather prevents ou from turning in our homework #2 toda , ou can turn it in this Thursda without late penalt . Similarl , if ou can't get in to the 334 lab toda or Wednesda , then we'll schedule a make- up lab for ou later. Do not tr to brave the snow & ic roads. Januar 2: Right now, the class enrollment is full. However, it's ver likel spaces will open up near the beginning of the quarter. At the first lab period, please show up to the lab and fill out a lab- entr form. We'll do a head- count at the lab then attempt to fit ever one in. There's no guarantee, but we've had good luck so far. Summar : right now we're full up, but show up at the first lab and we'll see if there's room December 30: Lecture starts the first da of scheduled class (Tuesda Januar 3, 2012) There's no lab the first week. Labs begin the second week of the quarter - - i.e. beginning Tuesda Januar 9 2012 based on lab section assignment. If ou don't show up at our first lab, ou're subject to being dropped from the course. See Course Information at upper left for important information on grading & the course policies. BE SURE ou're registered for both LAB and LECTURE - See Margot Nims, Ph sics Undergrad Advisor for details. s334/ 1/4 1/21/12 Ph sics 334 M ee ing T ime and Loca ion Le c e : Ph ic & A B i di g A118 T e da a d Th da 9:30 - 10:20 a Lab : Ph ic Sec i Sec i Sec i Sec i &A B i di g, R B280 AA - - T e 1:30 - 4:20, TA C. Ze g AB - - Wed 1:30 - 4:20, TA C. B a AC - - Th 1:30 - 4:20, TA C. B a AD - - F i 1:30 - 4:20, TA C. Ze g T eaching A i an Te aching A i an TA Sec i a ig Ch i ia B e . a , ffice PAA B155, b a@ .ed Che ge g Ze g, ffice PAA B231, ge g i@ .ed Te chnical S ppo Ja A fe e P g a O e a i S ecia i Office: B256, Ph ic & A a f@ .ed 206 221- 2974 B i di g Lab No e Lab e a e be ed a g i h he S de a a f he ab . The e c ai i a i f ai he a e he e e ci e ea ie a d c ea e . The a e ab cha ge i he e e ci e ha eed f e . The ab e i e ai diffe e ce be ee ab e i e a d he e i e de c ibed i he e , f e a e. Lab e i a ide c a if i g c e h ef he h gh c f i g a f he ab a e ia , e ha ec i h gh i he de a a, ide a addi i a e e ci e f d i he de a a. Y s334/ h d ead h gh b h he ab e a d a ig ed ab ec i i he b i 2/4 1/21/12 Ph sics 334 .T , , .T ' . T R ,J P ,D A .B P H ,A ,P .O W V J ,L S . L L 1 DC C 2C ,E , AC C C Y , ' L G S L . P G L ' P G P E a ms T 8. A .E 1 .T T F , .S 2, 2 , T M ,P , . Home or k H .A :W ' , , ' ' .C , ' .S , ' H H H s334/ , , ' ' . LATE HOMEWORK IS ASSIGNED ERO POINTS. 1*D 1S 2*D T J 10, 2012 * T J , 17, 2012 * 3/4 1/21/12 Ph sics 334 S en d ma il to : ro sen b erg @u .ed u La st mo d ified : Ja n 1 9 , 2 0 1 2 : 0 6 :3 2 s334/ 4/4 ...
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