The last week of class is a make up week you can

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Unformatted text preview: ction. The last week of class is a make-up week: you can complete only one lab that week. There are no labs during finals week. Lab reports: Youʼll turn in lab reports at the end of each lab. You donʼt need a lab notebook, but I recommend you use cross-ruled engineering paper so you can make graphs. Begin each report with your name and date of the lab. Subdivide the report into sections corresponding to assigned sections in the lab manual, e.g. 9-1, 9-3. Each circuit must have a neat, readable schematic in your report; see Horowitz and Hill appendix E for information on what constitutes a readable schematic. Record your calculations, make graphs and sketches of oscilloscope traces as needed, and answer questions in the lab handouts and lab manual. Donʼt make the report unnecessarily long: keep it short, concise but complete. Youʼll have to turn in passing reports for all the labs to pass the course. Grading Exam: 25% Homework: 15% Lab practice (assessed by your TA): 20% Lab reports: 40% The project counts twice as much in your grade as one lab. Youʼll need to receive passing grades on all your labs in order to p...
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