To reiterate you can make up only one lab the last

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Unformatted text preview: ass the course. To reiterate: You can make up only one lab the last week of classes, and you need to pass all the labs in order to pass the course. Therefore, if you enter the last class week missing two or more labs, you will have failed the course. For those students who make a good-faith effort on the homework and labs, and do OK on the exam, I anticipate the mean grade will be approximately 3.2 (but keep in mind this is only a very rough guideline). Web site: The course site has more information. Acknowledgements: This course material includes contributions from Profs. Blayne Heckel, Oscar Vilches, Davis Pengra, John Stoltenberg and Jason Alferness. [ver 28mar11 15:40]...
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