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Unformatted text preview: edu Ben Krueger, office B147, [email protected] Exam: Thereʼs one exam on Thursday May 12. It will cover the digital circuits up to that point. Thereʼs no final exam. Homework: Problems will occasionally be assigned on Tuesdays and are due the next Tuesday in lecture. Not all problems will be graded. Late policy: A late homework is assigned zero points. Although homework isn't weighted very strongly for your grade, let me caution you: We've found that if you take the time to understand the homework, you'll do well on exams and labs. Conversely, those that don't do the homework or do it poorly tend to do much worse on exams and labs. So, do take the homework seriously, turn in work you're proud of, and if there's something on the homework that you don't understand, please talk to me. Labs: Especially for the microcontroller labs nearer the end of the quarter, each lab builds on the previous lab, so youʼll have to keep up. We therefore strongly recommend you read and understand the lab beforehand. Make-up labs: Make every effort to attend your weekly lab. If you cannot, then by arrangement with your TA and the other lab TA, you can make up your lab in another lab se...
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