Physics 431_ Surface plasmon resonance

Physics 431_ Surface plasmon resonance - Ph sics 431...

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Unformatted text preview: 1/28/12 Ph sics 431: Surface plasmon resonance Ph sics 431, Winter 2012 Modern Ph sics Laborator - Condensed Matter Useful Information Syllabus (PDF) Sample lab notebook Overview of Physics 431 experiments (PDF) Grading rubric (PDF) E periments Oscilloscope exercise Lis t 1 Fundamental Constants from Noise Measurements The Hall effect Low temperature superconductivity in Hg Electron Diffraction Lis t 2 Surface Plasmon Resonance M ssbauer spectroscopy Physical adsorption Continuous NMR Pulsed NMR Ph sics 431 Home Surf ace plasmon resonance s431/SPR/spr.php 1/3 1/28/12 Ph sics 431: Surface plasmon resonance I , , .S , , - .S ( ) . Discussion Questions 1. I ( = 473 ). S ) , in de ail, ( .T , 2. I SPR M , , . A , , , .H , ? (Y .) ?W , , E periment and background information W - s431/SPR/spr.php 2/3 1/28/12 Ph sics 431: Surface plasmon resonance Lec e no e on face pla mon (Peng a) Simon, H. J., D. E. Mi chell, and J. G. Wa on, "S face pla mon in il e film - - a no el nde g ad a e e pe imen ", Am. J. Ph ., 43(7), 630- 636 (1975). John on, P. B., and R. W. Ch i , "Op ical con an of he noble me al ", Ph . Re . B, 6, 4370- 4379 (1972). Ka he ine A. Wille and Richa d P. Van D ne, "Locali ed S face Pla mon Re onance Spec o cop and Sen ing", Ann . Re . Ph . Chem., 58:267- 297 (2007) "S face Pla mon Re onance", Biaco e Technolog No e BR- 9001- 15, Sep embe (2001). Biaco e i a compan ha e SPR o en e he effec of biological molec le on a face. Thi no e gi e a imple e plana ion of SPR and ome nice pic e . Web i e main ained b Da id Peng a, dbpeng [email protected] s431/SPR/spr.php .ed 3/3 ...
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