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Physics 431_ The Hall effect - Ph sics 431 The Hall effect...

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1/28/12 Ph\sics 431: The Hall effect 1/3 courses.washington.edu/ph\s431/hall_effect/hall_effect.php Ph\sics 431, Winter 2012 Modern Ph\sics Laborator\ - Condensed Matter Useful Information Syllabus (PDF) Sample lab notebook Overview of Physics 431 experiments (PDF) Grading rubric (PDF) E[periments Oscilloscope exercise List 1 Fundamental Constants from Noise Measurements The Hall effect Low temperature superconductivity in Hg Electron Diffraction List 2 Surface Plasmon Resonance M|ssbauer spectroscopy Physical adsorption Continuous NMR Pulsed NMR Ph\sics 431 Home The Hall Effect in Metals and Semiconductors
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1/28/12 Ph\sics 431: The Hall effect 2/3 courses.washington.edu/ph\s431/hall_effect/hall_effect.php In WhiV e[peUimenW, VWXdenWV leaUn aboXW Whe claVVical Hall effecW Zhich iV Whe baViV of moVW VenVoUV XVed in magneWic field meaVXUemenWV. Thin film VampleV conViVWing of a VemicondXcWoU (InAV) and WZo diffeUenW meWalV (alXminXm and gold) aUe inYeVWigaWed Wo deWeUmine Whe Vign and denViW\ of Whe chaUge caUUieUV. The Vample iV
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