Physics 432_ Hanle Effect

Physics 432_ Hanle Effect - field ThiV field indXceV a...

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1/28/12 Ph\sics 432: Hanle Effect 1/2\s432/hanle/hanle_effect.php Ph\sics 432, Spring 2011 Course Information S\llabXV (PDF) OYeUYieZ of E[peUimenWV (PDF) Sample Lab RepoUW Lab RepoUW GUading RXbUic (2009) E[periments Scope E[eUciVe List 1 H\dUogen-deXWeUiXm maVV diffeUence x-Ua\ flXoUeVcence The Hanle effecW PhaVe VenViWiYe deWecWion The FUanck-HeUW] e[peUimenW List 2 AmmoniXm inYeUVion VpecWUXm RXbidiXm opWical pXmping The zeeman effecW in meUcXU\ The Lamb VhifW in h\dUogen PXlVed NMR Ph\sics 432 Home The Hanle effect The Hanle effecW in meUcXU\ aWomV iV XVed Wo make a DoppleU-fUee meaVXUemenW of Whe lifeWime of Whe fiUVW e[ciWed VWaWe. LighW fUom a VecondaU\ meUcXU\ VoXUce iV VhoZn onWo a pUimaU\ meUcXU\ YapoU cell locaWed in a VloZl\ YaU\ing magneWic
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Unformatted text preview: field. ThiV field indXceV a LaUmoU pUeceVVion in Whe e[ciWed aWomV, and aV Whe\ deca\ Wo Whe gUoXnd VWaWe Whe pUeceVVion UeVXlWV in a Wime YaU\ing VpaWial diVWUibXWion of Whe deca\ UadiaWion. The magniWXde of Whe deca\ UadiaWion iV meaVXUed aV a fXncWion of magneWic field VWUengWh. The daWa aUe fiW Wo a LoUenW]ian lineVhape, WhXV alloZing Whe VWXdenWV Wo deWeUmine Whe lifeWime aV one of Whe fiWWing paUameWeUV. FoU man\ decadeV WhiV meWhod ZaV Whe onl\ DoppleU-fUee Za\ Wo meaVXUe aWomic lifeWimeV. 1/28/12 Ph\sics 432: Hanle Effect 2/2\s432/hanle/hanle_effect.php Website maintained b\ David Pengra, [email protected] E[periment Information WUiwe-Xp SwaUw-Xp noweV...
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Physics 432_ Hanle Effect - field ThiV field indXceV a...

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