Physics 432_ H-D mass difference

Physics 432_ H-D mass difference - SWXdenWV meaVXUe Whe...

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1/28/12 Ph\sics 432: H-D mass difference 1/1\s432/HD/HD_mass_diff.php Ph\sics 432, Spring 2011 Website maintained b\ David Pengra, [email protected] Course Information S\llabXV (PDF) OYeUYieZ of E[peUimenWV (PDF) Sample Lab RepoUW Lab RepoUW GUading RXbUic (2009) E[periments Scope E[eUciVe List 1 H\dUogen-deXWeUiXm maVV diffeUence x-Ua\ flXoUeVcence The Hanle effecW PhaVe VenViWiYe deWecWion The FUanck-HeUW] e[peUimenW List 2 AmmoniXm inYeUVion VpecWUXm RXbidiXm opWical pXmping The zeeman effecW in meUcXU\ The Lamb VhifW in h\dUogen PXlVed NMR Ph\sics 432 Home H\drogen - Deuterium Mass Difference
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Unformatted text preview: SWXdenWV meaVXUe Whe BalmeU VeUieV emiVVion lineV of h\dUogen and deXWeUiXm. ReVXlWV of Whe meaVXUemenWV aUe XVed Wo deUiYe a YalXe of Whe R\dbeUg conVWanW foU each of Whe iVoWopeV. The concepW of UedXced maVV iV inWUodXced and Whe dependence of Whe R\dbeUg conVWanW on WhiV paUameWeU iV noWed. A YalXe foU Whe H-D maVV UaWio iV When deUiYed fUom Whe YalXeV of Whe WZo R\dbeUg conVWanWV. E[periment Information wUiWe-Xp PeUkin-ElmeU E-1 monochUomeWeU manXal (opWional) uUe\, H. C., F. G. BUickZedde and G. M. MXUph\, "A h\dUogen iVWope of maVV 2 and iWV concenWUaWion" , Ph\s. Rev. 40, 1 (1932)...
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