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General Laboratory Information – Fall 2011 Each student is expected to complete seven laboratories during the course of the quarter. All laboratories begin at 13:30 (1:30 P.M.); students are expected to arrive promptly in order to be present for any discussion that takes place at the beginning of the lab. All data collected during the lab period is to be recorded either in a lap top or in your laboratory notebook. I recommend the 5x5 QUAD lab notebooks available at the bookstore. These books have a convenient grid system, five squares per inch, which allows you to easily make plots while you are collecting data. Making plots on the fly is a good way to identify errors that come from apparatus drift or observational errors, such as misreading the scale. Each student is expected to complete a laboratory report that will be turned in and graded. An outline of the contents of the laboratory reports is listed below. All students need to become familiar with laboratory safety rules!
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