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Etrl Usc a fbr l,oop to geleratc lm random numbers. Delcrmine thc mosl currrnl maximum and minimum numbet as the rdndom numb€rs ale being gencrated. This is sohctidr€s rEfen€d to as a "running" maximum and minimum. Display thc running mAimum and mitrimum values as wcll as dlc cuflEn( random num ber on lbc ftont patlel, Bc surt tD includc tl|e TnDc Dclay Express vl so lhc Dscr is able to walch lhc va.lDcs updat€ as thc For Loop crccutes. Figurc P5.2 shows the T'rmc Delay Express v[ configuiation dialog box (acc€ssei by double-clickirE on t]E vl) with a r€commendcd
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Unformatted text preview: delay ofo.l sccond. 0o0t r-.lkr on 6rf!$'rI-r, Ef, Construct s VI that searches lhe valurs of an input 6ray ofnumben for a spcci-fied valuc. lf the spc.ified valuc is fo!fld in the array, thc VI should indicara drsl by tuming otr all LED and by indicaring the conesponding index of lhe array. Us€ Figurc D6. I as a guide. l4l UrcaG a new yi lo ptot a cuclc using an Xy Graph FIGURE PS.2 l'lrE lbay €pteas Vl wi'| config'rration dhlog bor thoeing 0.1 sdcod deby .t_-.(d: PIoc( ,h. Ti,na D.lay E pnss Vl withu tlu For Inop. U...
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