Hawking Anticipates Collider's Start - NYTimes

Hawking Anticipates Collider's Start - NYTimes - Hawking...

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By MIKE NIZZA Stephen Hawking (Photo: Miranda Mimi Kuo for The New York Times) Fears that the world might end because of a grand scientific experiment that begins on Wednesday have given way to something less urgent: Stephen Hawking may lose $100, or gain a Nobel Prize. Those stakes are tied to the Large Hadron Collider , which is scheduled to rev up for the first time on Wednesday at roughly 3:30 a.m. Eastern time following 13 years of planning, $8 billion in spending and immeasurable anticipation, chronicled by Dennis Overbye of The New York Times . Dr. Hawking will be one of the many physicists watching in hopes of greeting answers to some of physics’ biggest questions when experimental data starts to stream from the collider. But he also has a dog in this fight. His 1974 theory on black holes could be experimentally proven — if the collider succeeds in creating black holes in the first place. “If the L.H.C. were to produce little black holes, I don’t think there’s any doubt I would get a Nobel prize, if they showed the properties I predict,” Dr. Hawking told BBC Radio today. “However, I think the probability that the L.H.C. has enough energy to create black holes is less than 1 percent, so I’m not holding my breath.” While some doomsayers feared that the world would be swallowed up if the collider succeeded in creating a black hole, Dr. Hawking said today that the new device was “absolutely safe.” His own theory has a lot to do with his conclusion, as Mr. Overbye wrote in April : Most theorists will say the version of their theory that predicts black holes is extremely unlikely — though not impossible. But the chance that such a black hole would not instantly evaporate according to a theory famously propounded by Stephen Hawking in 1974 is even more weirdly unlikely, the theorists say. Dr. Hawking’s theory is just one of many that will be tested by the collider, which is designed to circulate streams of protons around a 17-mile circular track buried below Switzerland and France and, by crossing streams running in opposite directions, produce collisions that illuminate particle physics in ways that are otherwise impossible to observe and measure. One major hope for the collider is that it could establish whether the Higgs particle really exists, a goal that Dr.
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Hawking Anticipates Collider's Start - NYTimes - Hawking...

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