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MIT OpenCourseWare 2.00AJ / 16.00AJ Exploring Sea, Space, & Earth: Fundamentals of Engineering Design Spring 2009 For information about citing these materials or our Terms of Use, visit: .
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Explore Space, Sea and Earth 2.00AJ/16.00AJ Lab 1: Exploration on the Moon (well, Killian Court): Mission Planning for EVA and Geology Prof. Dava Newman Name: __________________________ Team Shackleton Position: __________________________ Team EARLE Position: __________________________ Background : Several days ago, a rover sent through the Killian terrain identified various regions of distinct geological formations. Within each region, the rover mapped the locations of several sites where highly interesting geological samples may be collected. In response to this exciting discovery, a team of astronauts and rovers nearby on the surface has been re- directed to the Killian region in order to examine and bring back these samples. Nearing the end of their scheduled surface mission duration, the team has enough resources remaining for roughly 8 hours of work toward exploring Killian before they must return to the lunar module. In response to this change of plans, Mission Control must now develop a strategy to maximize the scientific return from Killian before returning the surface team home safely. Mission Detail : As shown in the map on the next page, Killian has been segmented into three distinct zones. Within each zone are the marked locations of sites of potential geological interest. Although various samples are expected to be encountered at each site, geological data will provide the identity of “samples of interest” that are to be collected by the astronauts. Different
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