3_ada_files - Ada.Strings.Fixed (A.4.3) procedure Move...

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Introduction to Computers and Programming Prof. I. K. Lundqvist Lecture 3 Mar 15 2004 Ada.Strings.Fixed (A.4.3) procedure Move (Source : in String; Target : out String; Drop : in Truncation := Error; Justify : in Alignment := Left; Pad : in Character := Space); function Insert (Source : in String; Before : in Positive; New_Item : in String) return String; function Delete (Source : in String; From : in Positive; Through : in Natural) return String; Input/Output Input/Output Operations (A.6) ial I/O Text_IO • Related I/O packages • Text files – Formatting input – Formatting output files Sequent Streams.Stream_IO Text_IO.Text_Stream Heterogenous I/O Homogeneous Direct I/O
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Files (A.7) External files : Values input from the external environment of the program, or output to the external environment File (string that gives system defined characteristics such as access rights) Language Defined Types (A.7) File_Type : associates an object through which the program can access the external
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3_ada_files - Ada.Strings.Fixed (A.4.3) procedure Move...

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