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Ada Past, Present, and Future Robert Dewar New York University Apr 26th, 2004 History of Ada Time Frame: 1970’s Problem Having a heck of a time maintaining old software Identified problem: too many languages - - - Solution Standardize on one language But what language? The HOLWG in Action Some unusual ideas put into action Universities Industry Defense establishment Write down specifications for the language before design Strawman/Woodman/Tinman/Ironman/Steelman First step. Does any existing language meet specs? Systematic effort looks at C, Pascal, COBOL etc - But note that C++, Java, C#, Eiffel not on the scene OK, Let’s Make a New Language International Competition Four entrants Red (from Intermetrics) Blue (from Softech) Yellow (from Wirth and Pascal crew) Ada Core Technologies DoD spending billions on software Over 450 languages in use Many specialized and idiosyncratic Single supplier and maintainer, no general knowledge base Enter the HOLWG (Higher Order Language Working Group) Involve wide variety of inputs and technical resources International standards and scientific groups (ISO, IFIP) These are not language designs but rather requirements documents Steelman is the final blue print for the new single language Steelman in Action Answer: no, no existing language comes close enough COBOL probably comes closest Green (from Honeywell, Jean Ichbiah, based on LIS (sp?))
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The Competition The field is narrowed down Relative merits discussed in many forums For example, IFIP WG2.2 - I And the winner … A win for “Old Europe” Green is announced as the winner And is renamed Ada Now there is a winner Subjected to intensive (and well funded) scrutiny University research projects (e.g. at NYU) Distinguished reviewers committee Formal test suite developed (ACVC tests) ANSI standard issued in 1983 First validated compiler a couple of months later NYU Ada/Ed Other commercial compilers appear soon after (ROLM) System houses invest large amounts for all mission critical programs Ada is in fact used for many military programs But by no means all
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15_robertdewar - History of Ada Time Frame: 1970s Problem...

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