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AdaGIDE Instructions The Ada95 compiler is available for use on the computers. To use the compiler on these computers, either go to the Start menu and find AdaGide, or click on the Ada95 icon. Once the program has opened, File then New will open a blank document for you to begin with, or you can open an existing program to edit. You may also download AdaGide for use on your own computer. Once you have written your program, use the Compile menu, or the F2 key, to
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Unformatted text preview: compile the program. If there are errors in it at this point, the compiler will tell you where the errors are in the bottom portion of the screen. If the program compiles correctly, use the Build command on the Compile menu, or the F3 key, to build your program. Once you have built the program, go to the Run menu and chose Execute, or hit F4....
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