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UNIFIED ENGINEERING ± Fall 2003 I. Kristina Lundqvist Problem C3. (Unified Computers and programming) 1. ± Compile Program 3.8 (Distance_With_Errors.adb, Feldman-Koffman, Page 107) into a listing file. Turn in a hard copy of the listing file. 2. ± Correct the errors in Program 3.8. Turn in a hard copy of the listing of the modified program and an electronic copy of your code. 3. ± Write an algorithm to a. ± Accept the weight of the user (in kilograms) b. ± Compute the equivalent weight in pounds
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Unformatted text preview: c. Display weight_in_kg” kg = “weight_in_pounds” lb where weight_in_kg is the entered value and weight_in_pounds is the computed value. Hint : I. ± Write down the mathematical formula that you would use. The algorithm will flow from that. II. ± Identify inputs and outputs III. 1 pound = 0.453592 kilograms. 4. ± Write an Ada95 program to implement your algorithm from question 3 above. Turn in a hard copy of your program listing and an electronic copy of your code....
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