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BSCI 125: LABORATORY IN PLANT BIOLOGY FALL 2011 SYLLABUS LAB MANAGER: Dr. Edgar Moctezuma 3220 H.J. Patterson Hall (or 3105 HJP) Phone: 301-405-1638 Email: TEACHING ASSISTANT: ____________________________ LABORATORY ROOM: 3237 H. J. Patterson Hall GENERAL INFORMATION Course Description: Welcome to BSCI 125, a 1-credit course in plant biology specifically designed for non- science majors. In this lab course, you will investigate the processes by which plants function, develop an understanding of the great diversity of plants and their importance on earth, and gain an understanding of the complex role of plants in the environment and in our society. BSCI 125 and BSCI 124 must be taken in the same semester to count for the CORE Lab Science requirement. BSCI 124 taken alone will not count as a non-lab science for CORE. PLEASE PURCHASE YOUR COPY OF THE LABORATORY MANUAL! You are solely responsible for reading and bringing your lab exercise with you every time you come to lab. All assignments completed in lab will be handed in at the end of each lab period. You must take a pre-lab quiz at the beginning of each lab . In the first ten minutes of each lab, a pre-lab quiz will be administered by your TA. Each quiz is worth 10 points and covers the Introduction of each lab exercise. Be aware that quizzes have a time limit, and you will not get points for the quiz if you are late to lab. For announcements about the lab, all students should get access to Blackboard Academic Suite by going to Make sure you have an active e-mail account (all registered students get one). LAB POLICIES Student Responsibilities and Preparation for Lab: 1. You are required to read the entire assigned laboratory exercise and to complete the pre-lab questions before attending lab. 2. Be on time for lab ! Before you come to the lab, you must be prepared to take the pre-lab quiz in class . The quiz will cover the pre-lab questions and introductory material of the exercise in the lab manual. If you arrive late to your lab, points will be taken off from the quiz, or you may get a zero. 3. During the lab, record all data and observations in the data section of your lab manual. Ask questions during the lab if the material is unclear. 4.
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This note was uploaded on 01/28/2012 for the course BSCI 125 taught by Professor Gonzalez during the Fall '11 term at Maryland.

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