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*COMM 231: NEWS WRITING and REPORTING for Public Relations Sp12 (as of 01/24/12) MW EGR 3140: 0301 8-9:50 a.m. ; 0101=10–11:50 a.m., 0201=noon-1:50 p.m.; Introduction to researching, writing, reporting for news, other media; confirming grammar skills; coaching, practice labs in news-gathering tools and fact -based multimedia storytelling for public relations/strategic communication. University of Maryland – College Park, 3 Credits (NOTE: See complete syllabus, schedule on Bbd; sign statement) *Syllabus is subject to change; bring this, course schedule to every class . Note: For spacing, etc., not all copy follows SOP GSPS. Instructor: Richard J. Toth, APR, Fellow PRSA (Note: You can access select PR/media network by TA/RT appt.) Office: Room 0109A Skinner (Note: Make appts. to plan discussions/decisions in office/lab/after class, NOT by email.) Phone: 301-405-7447 (during office hour only; don’t leave message); emergency/urgent dept. back-up: 301-405-8979 Office Hr: by appt (pre-arrange after class with RT) 2:15-3 pm Wed-Thu, SKN 0109A; no email unless asked, emergency Email: rtoth2@umd.edu ; TA’s -- 0101 : Anna Haase, ahaase714@gmail.com ; Kaylee Hillard, khillard1@gmail.com ; Rebecca Railey, rebecca.a.railey@gmail.com ; 0201 : Gab Cerami, gabriellecerami@yahoo.com ; Amy Kelly, amy.kelly03@gmail.com ; Lauren Jones, la.jones23@yahoo.com ; 0301 : Shadia Weeks, ; See Bbd announcements re ofc hrs/appts. Prerequisite You must know, practice basic GSP to pass 231 and earn @ least C- in 231 to continue in PR Track. Expect to learn by doing : participating (not just lecture, reading), factual writing, reporting, editing (no op-ed ). Instead of just demonstrating grammar, spelling, punctuation competency on now-defunct TSWE to qualify for Comm 231, you must have permission of department to register for 231, then receive a course grade of at least C- (“Grammar Slammer” tests = nearly 40 percent of grade). Credit will be granted for only one of the following: JOUR 201, JOUR 201P, JOUR 231, or COMM 231 (formerly JOUR 231). Note: For ESL/grammar/spelling/punctuation help, take Grammar Slammer tutorial on Blackboard site, see your TA/RT; contact/make appointments with The Learning Assistance Center’s ( www.counseling.umd.edu/LAS ) Shirley Browner, Shoemaker Hall, for GSP (NOT AP style) help: 301-314-7702. Another option: UM’s Writing Center, www.english.umd.edu/programs/WritingCenterWebsite/ . Introduction – This is a skills course, unlike any you’ve taken; make class, deadlines; participate, collaborate, work . This course is hands-on orientation and experience in news writing and reporting -- the top-rated skills pros say are the bases of strategic communications careers. Here, students learn to think and act like reporters and editors and do the skills public relations practitioners share with journalists. Students experience the changing and convergent needs, expectations, traditions, roles, responsibilities and relationships of the news media. Comm 231 and 232 serve as a foundation and bridge
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This note was uploaded on 01/28/2012 for the course COMM 231 taught by Professor R.toth during the Spring '12 term at Maryland.

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