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Unformatted text preview: Unifed Engineering Fall 2005 Schedule M T W TH F M T W TH F M T W TH F M T W TH F 9/5 9/6 9/7 9/8 9/9 9/12 9/13 9/14 9/15 9/16 9/19 9/20 9/21 9/22 9/23 9/26 9/27 9/28 9/29 9/30 HW1o HW2o HW1d S/L2o S/L1d HW3o HW2d S/L3o S/L2d HW4o HW3d S/L4o S/L3d S/L1o 9–10 U1 U F1 F2 F F4 T T4 F F6 T T8 T9 T F U2 T1 T2 U3 F3 U4 T3 F5 T5 T6 T7 F7 F8 T10 F9 F10 T12 U F T F T T F 1–2 S/L1 S/L2 S/L3 S/L4 M T W TH F M T W TH F M T W TH F M T W TH F 10/3 10/4 10/5 10/6 10/7 10/10 10/12 10/13 10/14 10/17 10/18 10/19 10/20 10/21 10/24 10/25 10/26 10/27 10/28 HW5o HW4d S/L5o S/L4d HW6o S/L6o S/L5d HW7o HW6d S/L7o S/L6d HW8o HW7d S/L8o S/L7d 9–10 C1 T T13 F Q1F C4 C Q2T M6 M C7 C M9 M10 C C10 M M1 C2 M2 C3 M3 M4 TR M5 C5 C6 M7 M8 C8 C9 M12 M13 M14 T F C M C C M 1–2 S/L5 S/L6 S/L7 U5 M T W TH F M T W TH F M T W TH F M T W TH F 10/31 HW9o HW8d S/L9o S/L8d HW10o HW9d S/L10o S/L9d HW10d S/L10d HW12o 9–10 M15 C C13 M Q3M M19 C M20 M M21 S S4 C Q4C M25 M F13 C12 M16 M17 M18 C14 C15 S1 C16 S2 S3 M22 M23 S5...
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This note was uploaded on 01/28/2012 for the course AERO 16.01 taught by Professor Markdrela during the Fall '05 term at MIT.

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