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reviewfinal_Fall 2011 - Review for Final Exam Fall 2011...

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Review for Final Exam Fall 2011 Comm 250: Introduction to Communication Theory General Comments and Guidelines · The exam will be multiple choice and true/false questions · Final exam is cumulative , but the focus of the exam is on material covered since Exam 2 (for every 1 question on OLD material, there will be approximately 4-6 questions on NEW material) · New material covers Chapters 14, 17, 18, 19, 26, and 29 in your text (West & Turner). And, class notes, of course! · Know names associated with the theories. Dates are less important (i.e., I will not test you on dates). · Focus will be on class notes but questions from the text will be asked—you should use your text in conjunction with your class notes to further your understanding of the topics discussed in class. · The exam will require you to know more than just class terms and definitions (although you must know these). You will be asked: (1) to identify examples of the theories acting in “real life” situations; and (2) to apply your understanding of the topics learned for the first exam (i.e., metatheoretical assumptions, theory building and testing) to the theories we discussed up until this point. Groupthink: Janis (1972) Goal (purpose) of groupthink Concepts related to groupthink (e.g., groupthink, group cohesiveness, affiliative constraints, homogeneity, group insulation, etc.) Assumptions of groupthink What are the differences between problem solving groups and task-oriented groups? According to your text (pg. 252), how does a “vigilant” decision maker make a decision? How is this decision making process altered in a groupthink situation? Information from groupthink video (e.g., conditions that promote groupthink, symptoms of groupthink); Be able to provide examples from the video What are the conditions that might produce groupthink?
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reviewfinal_Fall 2011 - Review for Final Exam Fall 2011...

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