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Comm 250 Practice Questions for Final Exam Groupthink 1. Group members who shield the group from adverse information are a. conscientious objectors b. self-appointed mindguards c. dissenters d. opinion leaders Organizational Information Theory 2. All of the following are assumptions of Organizational Information Theory EXCEPT a. equivocality of information is useful for assisting an organization in achieving its goals b. the information an organization receives differs in terms of its equivocality c. human organizations exist in an information environment d. human organizations engage in information processing to reduce the equivocality of information
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Unformatted text preview: Aristotle’s Rhetoric 3. Typically, a _______________ contains a major premise, a minor premise, and a conclusion. a. speech b. enthymeme c. sign d. syllogism Dramatism 4. According to Burke, people feel alienated or isolated when they violate the _______________, also known as the structure that divides human activity through language and helps keep order. a. redemption b. negative c. perfection d. hierarchy Face-Negotiation Theory 5. "Whose face do I want to save?" is a question that is addressed by the concept of a. face need b. face acceptance c. face concern d. facework...
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