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Lecture F1 Mud: Formation of Lifting Flow (6 respondents) 1. Why is ± = × ( ± V ) the same as ± = × ± V + ± V ? (1 student) V was defned to be a constant everywhere, × ( ± Since ± V ) = 0. A uniForm added velocity has no effect on vorticity or circulation. 2. What’s the mechanism of the vortex shedding? (1 student) Basically, the Kutta condition. The boundary layer fluid can’t flow around the sharp trailing edge, so it peels off as a vortex sheet, thus carrying its vorticity away From the airFoil. 3. What happens when the airfoil decelerates? (1 student) The Pset sort oF addresses this. 4. What if the circuit is big enough to include the initial vortex?
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Unformatted text preview: (1 student) Not a problem. The circuit’s ± is still conserved when a new starting vortex Forms. AirFoil + shed vortex circulation doesn’t change. Universe continues to Function prop-erly. 5. Where do we get Xfoil? (1 student) You can download xfoil.exe From http://raphael.mit.edu/xfoil . I suggest Fol-lowing the sample session commands. It becomes Fairly natural with a bit oF practice. 6. No mud (1 student)...
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